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A mother with her daughter at a doctor’s visit

Prepare for your next vaccination!

Whether you’re headed to a visit with your child’s doctor or your own, getting vaccinated is an easier process when you know what to expect.


Woman smiling

Vaccines are not just for kids!

A number of vaccines are recommended for adults depending on age, lifestyle, health status, travel plans, and previous immunizations.


A young woman coughs on the subway

Protect your community!

Did you know? When a large portion of a community is vaccinated, there’s less opportunity for a disease outbreak.


Grandfather and grandson smiling
Pneumococcal disease

PCV13 and PPSV23 vaccines prevent serious illness from the disease in children and adults. Learn more.

A woman speaking with her doctor
Take charge of your health

Talk with your doctor and make sure you’re fully immunized. Learn what to expect.

Young, sick girl holding a teddy bear
Acute flaccid myelitis

Protect against viral infections that cause AFM, a rare disease that affects the nervous system. Read more.